Summer Yardsaling

Hello friends,

Sorry for the long hiatus, but life called me and I had to reply. But here I am, back again in all my thrifty glory, with some fun things to share and some amazing things to look forward to.

Today, the fun sharing stuff: I’ve been to a few yard sales recently and picked up oodles of stuff for a song or two. Some of it was stuff to keep, like a Lucy Davies framed print of a blue and white kitchen counter (much like my own) to hang above my kitchen counter! Asking price was $2.00, but since I also purchased from the same yard sale a stacked set of sterling silver rings (one set with a pretty smoky quartz gemstone) I was able to bargain the seller down to a set price for both. The rings will be listed on eBay later today (I’ll add a link when they’re up), or if you’re interested in purchasing them, leave a comment. (UPDATE: eBay postings — smoky quartz here; citrine and peridot here)

After visiting that yard sale, I finished the rest of my errands: dump run and grocery store, and headed back home. While showing the Thrifty Husband my finds, I described a second ring I had seen but not purchased at the same yard sale–a beautiful sterling wide band ring with a large golden citrine flanked by two smaller peridots. The asking price had been a bit high, and I had already reached my spending limit for yard sale days. But we discussed it and decided I should go back and get it, if it were still available. Not only that, but I would take the camera with me so that on my way home, I could stop at the dump (again!) and take some photos of the osprey family who is living in a nest high atop a radio tower overling said dump.

So off I went again. I love to jaunt around our little slice of heaven here in New England, especially on a fine summer day; hair slicked back, flip-flops and Wayfarers on, windows down, and the radio just loud enough. Life is good, and got even better as I arrived back at the yard sale to find that the ring was indeed still there, and the price was lower. I was able to dicker it down even more, and so this lovely find will also go on eBay.

Not only that, but I was able to get some dazzling photos of the osprey family, or at least two of the siblings as they practiced flying and diving. The thrifty husband documented the photos on his blog, and if  you want to see the originals, click here to view the original size photos; a few are blurry, but there are a few that are magnificent if I do say so myself.

Anyway, here are a few motr photos of the pretty pretties I got at a very thrifty price last weekend.


Aren’t they pretty?



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